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CEO Roundtable: Exit Strategies Series

Have you negotiated the successful sale of a company before? Want to learn from the experiences of CEOs and subject experts working on the M&A front lines? has teamed up with Kranz Consulting to host ‘CEO Roundtable: Exit Strategies Series.’ On the 4th Thursday of every month, we’re hosting a series of webinars that dive into key topics that every CEO should know to position your company for acquisition and maximum valuation:

Each session is a 1-hour lunch-and-learn starting at 12 noon, and will feature a different panel of selected experts. Registration links below:


Panel 1 (Mar 25): M&A Audit: When is it the right time to sell?  (WATCH VIDEO)
Panel 2 (Apr 29): Building a High-Value M&A Exit from Day One  (*REGISTER*)
Panel 3 (May 27): Strategic v. Financial Valuation: How do I optimize my M&A price? (WATCH VIDEO)
Panel 4 (Jun 24): Positioning for M&A: How do I attract buyers?
Panel 5 (Jul 22): Due Diligence: How to ensure your deal closes.
Panel 6 (Aug 26): M&A Case Studies: How do deals get done?